Show: Bistag in Action


Dodong Allan Afable Hobrero is a news anchor known for his active shows, Balita ng Bansa from 12 NN to 1 PM and Bistag in Action from 4 PM to 5 PM, both airing from Monday to Friday. "Bistag in Action" is a commentary program that discusses the latest news trends in the country. He's achieved notable recognition, including the Certificate of Recognition (MHE) from the Philippine Finest Business Awards in September 2023 and being named Trusted Media News Anchor of the Year by the World Council Excellence Awards in August 2023. He also received a Certificate of Recognition from the Philippine Space Agency (DOST) and "Katibayan ng Pagkilala" from People's Balita Ugnayan in 1998. In 1990, he received Certificates of Appreciation from the Provincial Government of Rizal, and in 1989, he was awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the Rotary Club of Manila, the first in Asia, presented by R.R. de la Cruz. Outside of work, Dodong treasures spending time with his family, especially watching his two beloved grandchildren play and explore. During his leisure moments, he unwinds by watching movies to relax his mind after a long week. He also shares moments of joy with his wife by singing karaoke songs, as they both have a passion for music.

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