Show: Live Healthier, Live Longer


Ka-Freshies Irma Tia and Val Villapa host the show Live Healthier, Live Longer, airing every Thursday from 11 AM to 12 NN. This online radio-television show focuses on enhancing overall well-being through daily life by optimizing the mind, body, and health. The show draws insights from diverse sources, including personal experiences, expert opinions, literary references, and scientifically backed research data. Irma Tia, a licensed real estate broker for over two decades, has achieved remarkable accomplishments. She was awarded as the best LOCAL BOARD president of PAREB, served as the PRESIDENT of the TAGUIG GLOBAL CENTENNIAL LIONS CLUB, and held the position of PAST PRESIDENT OF PAREB- Rizal Board of Real Estate, Inc. Irma is also recognized as the Most Popular Lady Realtor and serves as the ZONE CHAIRPERSON OF LIONS INTERNATIONAL D301-D2. She finds fulfillment in participating in outreach programs, contributing to church ministries, traveling, singing, dancing, and cherishing moments with her children. Val Villapa has a rich background in business development, product formulations, and manufacturing facility management, ensuring regulatory compliance. He has consulted on the development of brands and products for well-known retail chains. Rommel is a registered pharmacist, an achievement he's held since 1997. He's also an enthusiast of classical music, a baritone singer with a diverse repertoire, and a lover of the arts, literature, and cinema. His passions include travel, cooking, and event and show production. Together, Irma and Val bring a wealth of experiences and knowledge to 'Live Healthier, Live Longer,' helping viewers lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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